Client of the Month: March 2021

March 01, 2021 |

🎉✨The Client of the Month for March is... Christina Austin!!✨🎉
Christina joined IPT in September of 2020 and attends a group session and two 1on1 sessions a week with her trainer, Stephen. Since starting at IPT, Christina has lost 10 lbs of body fat and gained 4 lbs of muscle. She has also been able to reduce her body fat percentage from 32.5% to 27.2%.
Building New Habits...
“I am in the best shape of my life since working out at IPT! I have hit so many strength records, specifically with squats and deadlifts that I didn't even know were possible! My heaviest deadlift is 205 lbs for 8 reps and I can't wait to reach my goal of 225 lbs. I think the most notable habit change has been waking up early and starting each day with a workout! Before IPT, I would wake up around 10 and maybe workout around 12. Now, I wake up, head to the gym, and get my day started so much sooner!”
Why IPT?...
“IPT is so special! I think the most special thing is the community. I definitely have loved getting to know the trainers as well as the people in my group classes. It truly feels like a family.”
A Few Wise Words…
“I would say keep it up! Also, don't be afraid to fail. Try the fun classes and give the new exercises your all, you won't regret it! Whenever you feel discouraged, remember why you started. You can do hard things!”
Congrats Christina! We look forward to seeing you continue on your health and fitness journey!
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