Client of the Month: APRIL 2021

April 01, 2021 |

Glenn joined IPT in June of 2020 and attends three 1on1 sessions a week with his trainer, Stephen. Since starting at IPT, Glenn has lost 15lbs of body fat mass, is down 6% body fat and is up 6lbs of lean body mass! He’s also gotten stronger with a 35lb increase in his dumbbell bench press for reps!


Building New Habits...

“Many…my goals of overall health, endurance, strength, cardio health and fitness have all increased incredibly. I now work out consistently in and out of IPT. My eating habits have improved as well. It’s really motivating to scan and see results!


Why IPT?...

“The workouts are always something different and specifically focused. It delivers incredible results and the trainers are fantastic.  


A Few Wise Words…

“Set goals that are realistic and try to overachieve. Still do other things you enjoy but maybe moderate so you don’t burn out. The results are addictive so stay with it!”


Congrats Glenn! We look forward to seeing you continue on your health and fitness journey!

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