Wednesday Motivation!! By Mike Jones - ACSM, CPT

October 29, 2014 |

There's a couple of topics I could touch on but there's one specifically I want to speak about today because of the multiple conversations I've had this week. So I'm going to talk about Maintaining the motivation to take your body to the next level.

Before you keep reading this post, think about all the times you've asked yourself "Why do I Workout/Train" ....

Is it for a purpose? Is it to show others you can do it or prove to yourself? Is if because a wife,husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend has asked you to get into shape? Is it for health reasons or Doctor suggestions?

Take the time to really think about YOUR PURPOSE for doing what you do or why you do it!

Personally, in my family, your either an athlete that makes it pro and doesn't finish college or your in the health field in some way. If you ended up doing neither, you were pretty much looked down upon. So with me it was more about living up to family expectations. I had a father who played in the NFL and wanted nothing but for me to play only the sports that he liked. And when I chose to pick soccer as my number 1 sport, he chose to never come around to support it. So quickly my purpose and path was being the underdog and proving him wrong. So I got to a point where I didn't speak, kept my mouth shut, and just worked my ass off. Too many of us spend more time talking a big game rather than just doing it!

Well wake up people. ACTIONS speak VOLUMES! period. That's just like you being in a relationship and your spouse giving you all these broken promises. I bet you won't count on them to produce or provide. And that doesn't just go for relationships, but bosses talking to you about your good hard work and possible promotion but then 3,4,5 months pass by and your waiting... So now let's go back to the first question of WHY do you workout/train??

Your first step is find your purpose. Your purpose is your motivation or your dream you carry out to becoming true! And let me be the first to tell you that ANYTHING is possible, especially if you put your mind to it. Ray's seminars that he holds really break down the thought of purpose. Amy and Ray have made FT what it is today because of what purpose they carry out. For us trainers and for you as the clients. Both of us together are a family and each of us serve a specific purpose whether its...Having someone to talk to, fight the weight loss battle with, motivate to keep pushing, etc!

You don't come here everyday and every morning because you hate your body, you do it because you love it and you want to. The moment your path seems cloudy, don't quit...But come in, lets revamp it and make the next steps to carrying out a new task.

At the end of the day, no matter how slow you go, or your progress is...your still lapping everyone whose sitting on the couch. And really take some time to think about that. In my eyes, and in todays world. Being strong is the new skinny!

Remember that YOUR BODY can do ANYTHING, BUT its your BRAIN that you need to CONVINCE. No goal I've set, was ever met with a little sweat, struggle, or tears. And thats not even the half of it. So you want to take your body to the next level....then find it in yourself (your purpose) to EAT CLEAN (feed your body with right foods, feed your mind with the right information) and train DIRTY!!

I hope this helped someone today. I give my personal thoughts because to me its all I have that really keeps me going. I've done nothing but learned from my past and my experiences to look towards the future and hope you guys do to!

Mike Jones, ACSM-CPT

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