November 11, 2014 |


Just wrapped up a workout and I’m not going to lie….it wasn’t my best but I got it in! Why am I writing this? Well, this past weekend Amy and I had our semi annual meeting with THE PACK, a mastermind group and FAMILY we are fortunate to be a part of. The weekend was great but its kinda got me a little queasy inside. Don’t get me wrong….I left with more clarity for sure but many of the goals we set for body, business, balance, and being were a little out of my comfort zone. I’m not 100% sure why its bothering me so much because I’ve experienced this before…..Its almost like we’re afraid to achieve more or rise more than we already have….

You see I’ve realized this weekend that although our business and other areas of life have grown, I’ve been sitting in a “comfort zone” again and have been afraid of even more potential. And not necessarily meaning a relaxing comfort zone because for me relaxing is outside of the realm of comfort (more on that later). I’ve noticed today I’ve been avoiding my pad and questioning everything I set out to do from this weekend but then I get a deep pain inside that causes me to refocus on the big picture and why I need to do this! We all have points in our lives where we just know we’re “coasting.” But the reality is in order to grow we must be pushed beyond comfort. Sometimes you gotta reach for the stars even if you only hit the sky the first time…..and it’s even better to have someone validate whether you’re truly reaching for the stars or if you’re just lying to yourself aka a coach. That was me for a while….lying to myself, saying “I don’t need a coach”, and many times not believing in my true worth…..not anymore! 

The bottom line is I know with the change in seasons upon us it’s easy to start getting sluggish and start making excuses because “the holidays are coming” and “I’m going to be so busy” but I encourage you to do the opposite. Stop putting the life you deserve on hold and I mean all aspects! Are you going to keep living small? Or rise to become the person and develop the life: body, mind, and spirit you’re truly worth? If you feel like you’re just coasting right now, I challenge you to set a big goal (body, career, mind, whatever you want)! A goal that makes you tremble but smile inside and find someone to hold you accountable to it! There’s only 2 ways to travel….up or down…but it’s up to us to face that reality.

Have an awesome day and go set some goals!


Ray Cattaneo - Owner, NASM-CPT,CES

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