Wednesday Motivation!! By Mike Jones - ACSM, CPT

November 06, 2014 |

This weeks topic is probably one of the biggest to me, and I know some people could really take more time to really process this post. But I want to talk about making sure with whatever you experience or go through in life, at work, in a relationship, with family, or just in general...that you take from it what you need, and leave behind what you don't. 
Sounds pretty simple but really it's not. I'm only in my 20's and quite frankly I believe there some things I shouldn't have experienced so early. Do I regret them...HELL NO..At the time did these experiences really hurt me, effect me, and change me...YES very much so! But like I was saying before It's not always the best to learn through experiences but sometimes those types do more harm than good emotionally. 
But on the other side of it, you cant predict the future, whats going to happen tomorrow, or even in the next hour! It's our roles to live life to the fullest or die trying. Literally. We are meant to live out our lives the best way we know how. And if you aren't at a state in your life where your happy then hey its time for you to stop, and re-evaluate yourself to get back on track and fast.
A quote my mother always tells me is that "God never gives you what he doesn't think you can't handle" 
Think about for a second what you've been through, where you've come, are you still in that same situation now?  Did you get out of it?
Yes all very important questions to ask yourself. If your still in a situation then maybe its probably because you haven't learned what you need to take from it in order to get out...Or maybe your too busy thinking you'll never get out? 
We all have a choice, we all have opportunities, we all write our own futures. We just need to learn how to control it! We can only get better with that through nothing but time and experience. You fail once, good try again and learn what you did the first time that's got you right back in the same situation. If you fall again, good then learn from that as well. You will keep falling and failing until you take from the experience what you were suppose to learn.
No matter what it aware and notice the bad parts of the situation, and take the good positive things and apply those things into your next adventure. The bad things that you were made aware of are things you can keep on the side to help push you away from anything that may have those qualities or characteristics (aka a bad relationship, corruption at work, etc)
Every bad relationship I've been in, every bad experience I've been apart of, every bad decision I've made from the wrong influence..All has changed my perspective on life. I know what to stay away from, what job atmosphere I want to be in, what people i gravitate to, how I go about handling a situation at home, etc. All of these things I apply to my life now have to deal with what I've taken from all my older experiences.
Everything is meant to be of a purpose for you whether good or bad! And everything is meant to be a learning experience for you towards your future. So remember when your having those seconds thoughts about joining something, saying yes to someone, doing something different, applying for a job, stepping into a gym, or whatever it may be go in with an open mind, and leave with the information you know is going to help you move forward in the direction that makes you a better person. 
Take the positive and the good, but notice from the bad and negative, and help yourself apply the right things you need to be great!


Mike Jones, ACSM-CPT

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