Wednesday Motivation!! By Mike Jones - ACSM, CPT

November 19, 2014 |

"Putting in work on the weekend"

When most people hear this, they think "work" as in job work. But I mean more of the work that we tend to take off as in "Exercising".... Yes that's right. Don't sit here and tell me you put in work til you drop on the weekends ...Let's be honest here. BUT for those of you who do, and really take the NO DAYS OFF plunge, then, my hat goes off to you. But lets think about this for a second..

1. You have your own personal goals (check)
2. You come in to FT and work hard all week (check)
3. You work hard during the week on your food intake (half check)

So why take off on the weekend? Here's 1 fact you should instill in your head..A 1 hour workout is 4% of your day = No Excuses. You can't reach goals by half way getting there and going through the motions. It takes constant work and consistency. 

1.Preparation: The night before, choose your outfit and lay it right next to your bed, including any gear you need (iPods, headphones, etc).Ladies you know you guys love rocking that new sexy workout gear you all spent $60 dollars on hahah. Seeing it first thing in the morning will inspire you to slip it on — getting dressed is half the battle.
2.Throw in a quick workout DVD: Before you go to bed, leave dumbbells, yoga mat, or whatever you have. Or, pop in your favorite fitness DVD so it's all set to go. It'll be hard to walk out the next day with all those visual reminders.
3.Let music inspire you: Hop on iTunes and make a new cardio playlist that you can use during the weekend. When you get out of bed, you'll be so psyched to listen to it, I get psyched just driving to workout with my new songs. People look at me at stop lights like I'm crazy but I have ZERO cares!
4.Make it a date: Earlier in the week, call up a friend and make plans to hike, meet at the gym, or take a long bike ride together or a run with someone you know isn't going to back out!!! When you make an agreement to meet at a specific time and place, it's tough to bail.

And last thing I want everyone to remember.. At some point in peoples lives and careers.. every Professional was a Amateur, and every Expert, was once a Beginner, so why not dream big and start now by ONLY doing?!!!!!


Mike Jones, ACSM-CPT, Assistant Manager

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