Focus on the Possible

September 16, 2016 | Amy Cattaneo

The title says it all – FOCUS ON THE POSSIBLE! Everything and anything that anyone wants to change is a process. How we view that process is the key. I’ve said it over and over again but changing your eating habits and making exercise a part of your lifestyle, in my opinion, is one of the HARDEST things to do. Yet it’s often portrayed as this magical thing that can happen in weeks. Magazines print articles like “30 Days to a New You” and you see tv segments on “How to Get a six pack with 5 easy moves” and it makes it all seem EASY. But when you actually start doing it, it often becomes overwhelming and just too much. The negatives of changing just start piling up, leading many of us to say, “forget it…it’s not worth the trouble.”
And when you start stacking up all the problems, issues, negatives etc. of changing your lifestyle, it WILL certainly seem impossible. It will be this huge brick wall that you are trying to break down with a tiny little hammer. Eventually, you will just place down the hammer, or more likely throw it, and simply walk away. The key is to NOT build the wall.  Bring your energy and your focus to the positives and what you actually can do RIGHT NOW. By doing that, you are not giving the negatives more weight and hold over you and transferring it over to what you can do. 
The key is to shift your focus from the HUGE task you may be overtaking and focus on the tiny little details that pertain to that task BUT seem doable and worthy of your energy. Can’t seem to get in 5 workouts a week like you said you would in order to lose the 30 lbs you need to lose?  It just may seem not doable now based on how busy you are at work, the kids activities etc.  And maybe you are only getting 3 workouts in on average. FOCUS on those! Not the two you are “missing.”  Or maybe your impossible is food. You want to have your kids eat healthy as well but what if you make all these new recipes each day and they don’t eat it or like it? You start looking at all their snacks and are overwhelmed by how many have crazy ingredients in them. Again shift your mind to focus on what you CAN make happen. Maybe you send your kid to school with ONE healthy snack a week. All the other days, he/she gets the cookies, chips etc. But on the day you have carrots for lunch , you also throw some carrots in their lunchbox. No biggie. And then build on it as you feel ready to do so. This will help you let go of the guilt of not completing something and the feeling of failure you may have. Those negative thoughts and feelings are a drag on your energy. If you allow yourself to let them go and only concentrate on what you can do in that moment, or that day or that week, you will slowly gain the confidence, perspective and strength to take on more difficult obstacles in the future.
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