Client of the Month: August 2020

August 01, 2020 |

Alex joined IPT in October of 2019 and attends Small Group classes 2 times a week. Her trainer, Josh, says he’s so glad that she decided to trust the process. Her dedication and willingness to put in the hard work have paid off immensely.


Make the Impossible Possible...

Since I started at IPT, I have lost 15 lbs of body fat mass and gained 3.5 lbs of muscle. Not only has my energy increased but my confidence has too. My heaviest lift has been a 180 lb squat and 175 lb deadlift. I definitely never thought I would be able to lift that much weight and I plan to keep training to be able to lift more in the future.


Support and Community...

When I first started IPT, I really liked that all of the trainers introduced themselves and learned my name. They make you feel like part of a family and a friend and not just another person coming in to workout but really care about you and your progress. Starting a new gym can be intimidating and overwhelming but the team here at IPT really makes you feel involved and supported.


If Alex Had a Piece of Advice, It Would Be...

Consistency is key. Don’t give up and always get right back in it - even if you feel like you’ve slacked off and had a bad week. Just eat more and lift heavier!


Congrats Alex! We look forward to seeing you continue on your health and fitness journey!

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