Monday Tip: What Is Phase Nutrition?

August 10, 2020 |

Happy Monday everyone! A BIG question I get a lot is “How do I stick to this diet forever?” And the simple answer is you don’t! Just like in training there are different phases to nutrition that can keep us from feeling “burnout” or just “tired of being cautious” with our food choices.

First…no matter what phase of nutrition you are in, you should be aiming for whole foods, good amount of protein, and a fiber amount that suits you. Yes, in different phases you have more flexibility than others but that doesn’t mean you should use that time as a free for all to eat everything but nutritious foods.

Second…you have to time these phases right. Transitioning into things slowly, trusting the process and making sure you know the goals of each phase is ideal, so you don’t get confused on what you should be working towards.

We obviously have the diet phase where you bring calories down to reach body fat goals, but there are also reverse diet phases, lean muscle gaining phases, and maintaining phases as well. Each of these bring a totally different component to your diet that is important in reaching the goals you want!

Phase nutrition is key for longer term results and can also make sure you are doing things in a manner that is healthy for you. It is something that takes time but can also keep you from feeling like you are dieting forever!

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