October 2020 Client of the Month: Charles Fields

October 01, 2020 |

The Client of the Month for October is... Charles Fields!!

Charles joined IPT in February of 2014 and attends 1on1 sessions 3 times a week with his trainer, Stephen. He has lost 10.1 pounds of fat and added 1 pound of muscle over the past month.


Biggest Goal Accomplished So Far...

“The workout milestone I’m most proud of is simply being consistent and never quitting. The IPT team has been a huge part of my success. From the owners, trainers, and nutritionist; the comprehensive approach and attention to accountability is the reason I have been coming back for over 6 years. For anyone considering starting a workout program, I can think of no better place than IPT. ”


The Greatest Change Has Been...

“The most notable changes I have made since starting at IPT has been with my relationship with food and drinks. I used to be a voracious eater and drinker, but quickly learned no amount of working out or building muscles can overcome poor nutritional habits. I have significantly restricted my alcohol consumption and simply replaced it with water. I have also learned that if I am going to eat large volumes of food It must be lower in calories and nutritionally dense fruits or vegetables. These changes have produced the best results when consistently applied.”


A Few Wise Words...

“IPT is a special place to me and my family. If you're committed to your health, a clean and positive environment, exceptional personal trainers and nutritionists, then no need to look any further. The friendships I have made through IPT, constant workout competitions, and charitable giving through weekly charity workouts, shows the owner’s commitment to its clients and the community. My advice to others would be, write down specific goals and share. Focus on your nutrition. Be consistent in your workouts. Have fun and never quit! My experience at IPT has been worth every penny!”


Congrats Charles! We look forward to seeing you continue on your health and fitness journey!

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