October 2020 Client of the Month: Jackie Castillo

October 01, 2020 |

The Client of the Month for October is... Jackie Castillo!

Jackie joined IPT in December of 2019 and attends 1on1 sessions 2 times a week with her trainer, Stephen. She has lost 15.2 pounds of fat and decreased her body fat percentage by 3.6% in the time she’s been with IPT. Jackie’s trainer, Stephen, says she is always ready for a challenge and that he is “proud of her for being able to balance her crazy work schedule, taking college classes, and still creating time to get into the gym and crush her workouts!”


Why IPT?

I appreciate that IPT definitely holds you accountable and is able to train you in an environment where they've facilitated a healthy place to build camaraderie among the IPT team and their other members.


Biggest Goal Accomplished So Far...

My personal workout accomplishments would have to be that I have been able to gain strength/endurance while completely changing my body composition. I've noticed I can control my cravings, and my body is more sensitive to processed foods and copious amounts of sugar.” Jackie’s Nutritionist, Abbie, says she has taken advantage of every resource given to her and is reaping the benefits of doing so. “She doesn’t let anything distract her from keeping nutrition as a top priority.”


A Few Wise Words...

Don't sweat the small stuff!! Focus more on how you feel in your body when you're really starting to take care of it, and the rest will follow.


Congrats Jackie! We look forward to seeing you continue on your health and fitness journey!

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