Testimonial Thursday: Ben B.

June 11, 2020 |

My name is Ben, and I’ve become a consistent workout-aholic! I train with Mike 4 times a week. I help run a software business based here in Allen that I co-founded over 11 years ago. 
I don’t really have a specific result I want to share, such as a certain body weight or a particular increase in strength, although I’ve successfully gained nearly 20lbs while closely maintaining body fat % and my lifts have increased across the board.
For me the personalized approach that has kept me committed at IPT way longer than anywhere else is by far the biggest deal. The team understands my specific goals, strengths and weaknesses, and on a regular basis puts that knowledge to work through nutrition and training guidance. I’ve been through it all, working out solo at the gym, various crossfit gyms, and I’ve tried several other popular HIIT options. End of the day, it’s true that no two bodies are the same and no one-size-fits-all solution can replicate personalized planning and attention. And I do not have the time or expertise to manage my workouts on my own and keep it interesting and challenging enough to keep me committed.
I came in wanting to gain weight, increase strength and feel confident that I wasn’t sabotaging myself with my diet (super important!), and as mentioned, I have gained nearly 20lbs and increased my lifts. Ray’s measured approach to nutrition has also helped educate me to the point that most days I am able to hit specific nutrition targets with ease.
I think highly of Mike, Gabby, Ray and everyone else here… 
IPT in a way has become a second home of mine. I find myself excited and anxious to get to the gym on most days. The results I have achieved there have had a tremendous impact on me not only physically but also mentally. 
Remember that physical health is just like every other aspect of your life- there are no shortcuts. Get in for the long run. Commit yourself and stay consistent. If I have learned anything, it’s that nothing happens overnight. What is true is that time will pass regardless… so what are you waiting for? You will not regret the decision to meet this team and let them help you on your fitness journey.

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