Monday Tip: Now. Not Later.

September 21, 2020 |

Happy Monday everyone! I know there are lots of people who have fallen guilty to this simple mistake, and I am not going to lie, even I used to do it. You keep waiting.

“Oh I’ll start my diet tomorrow!” “Oh I’ll start running extra next week!”

How many times are you going to tell yourself that you’ll start living healthier tomorrow? Or next week? After you’ve had just one more pizza dinner and one more lazy day on the couch…

THEN you’ll commit to eating properly and exercising regularly, right?

It is time to bring it back to reality and realize that way of thinking is holding you back. It fools everyone at some point in their life.

You see, when you put off living a healthy lifestyle to some specific time in the future, you’re putting the responsibility of change on your future self instead of who you are now.

The only person able to change yourself is who you are now, and you are capable of making the change happen NOW!

Start with small goals and work your way up. No change happens quickly so give yourself some time. Start by drinking more water, adding more veggies in and continue on into endless possibilities. Same thing with exercise. Start out small and work your way up!

Starting small today is much better than waiting until tomorrow. Get the work done today to better yourself because you will never regret doing that.

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