Client of the Month: January 2021

January 01, 2021 |

Mimi joined IPT in August of 2015 and attends 1on1 sessions 2 times a week with her trainer, Mike. She came in having never worked out before and nervous to pick up weights. She is now bench pressing, squatting and balancing her way to a healthier version of herself.


The Change is Undeniable...

When she first came into IPT, she was feeling rigid and low energy. She didn't want that from stopping her from doing some of the things she loved. Mimi always comes in with a smile on her face and has never missed a session. She always has a great outlook on life and with her strength training, she has been able to keep up with an active lifestyle. Between visits with her family, going to concerts and out pacing her friends on their walks, Mimi improves every single day!


Why IPT?...

 In her time with Infinity Personal Training, Mimi has been an all star. She has lost over 20 lbs with IPT. She has also improved her balance from not being able to balance on one foot to holding for over 1 minute! She is stronger and more stable than she has ever been. The workouts help keep her mind sharp as well. Mimi explains that “The personal attention and training at IPT has made all the difference”.


A Few Wise Words…

“Keep on keeping on.”


Congrats Mimi! We look forward to seeing you continue on your health and fitness journey!

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